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About Us

Youcan Games is a mobile gaming investment fund. The prototype-based game development model in the game industry causes the creativity and productivity of the teams to blunt during the incubation and early entrepreneurship period. Game development teams are not fed with data from mentors and publishers. Youcan Games, as an Investment Fund, comes together with the Gaming Teams to transfer the mentor support and publisher support in order them to reach to their first Hit Game.

Who We Are

We are the founder studio. Youcan Games is a mobile gaming investment fund that involves in seed stages, early stages, or as an accelerator to teams that have been operating in the game industry for a long time. We provide financial support, publishing support and mentoring capabilities to teams or startups operating in the field of mobile gaming.

What is Founder Studio?

We start off by giving teams and entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own businesses. In this way, Founder Studio emerges.
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Success, Together

As the unique organization of the Game Ecosystem, it is aimed to increase the competitiveness of the newly established game teams and to guide the game industry around the world. Youcan Games was gathered in order to develop games by using its strong capital structure with the most suitable teams and to create big game companies from newly established teams in a short time.

How We Help

Teams or individual developers accepted for Youcan Games supports are one step closer to their dreams;

  • Mentoring the implementation of game ideas
  • Financial Supports
  • Ability to realize projects under the umbrella of Youcan Games
  • Office environment and equipment support
  • Strong and transparent working environment with company
  • Networking opportunity to invest in advanced startups.



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